Hub management

The Suffolk Music Education Hub has a clear structure of leadership, accountability and participation approaches, including:

  • Local Authority Governance, including finance and human resources.
  • A Strategic Overview Group.
  • A well regarded leadership team and highly professional work force at Suffolk County Music Service (SCMS).
  • A range of network groups and working parties that represent schools, professional, partner and voluntary representatives to develop detailed strategies for all specialist areas being covered by Hub Activities.

Management of the Hub’s activities is carried out by the leadership team of SCMS who manage the day to day service delivery of the Hub. The Deputy Assistant Director, Education and Learning Service Manager for School Learning and Transformation and the Strategic Overview Group work closely with the Leadership Team to oversee its strategic development and delivery.

As the Lead Organisation for the Suffolk Music Education Hub, SCMS is governed and constituted by the LA and accountable to Suffolk County Council policies, frameworks and legal procedures such as financial and contract procedure rules. The service sits within Education and Learning, part of Children and Young People’s Services and is regularly monitored and supported.

In addition to this strong governance a wider Strategic Overview Group, Partner Network Group and Curriculum Network Groups have been established to help ensure and capture the views, needs and ideas of a broader range of stakeholders and young people.

Strategic Overview Group

With a membership whose reach musically, academically, culturally and geographically is across and beyond Suffolk, the SMEH Strategic Overview Group (SOG) seeks to ensure breadth of perspective and expertise, to strengthen relationship with relevant strategic partners, to support the delivery of The National Plan for Music Education in the strongest way possible in Suffolk, and to identify clear pathways to and from our offer.

SOG members will contribute to the strategic development of the SMEH and will act as a critical friend to the Hub, offering support and advice and helping to respond to The National Plan for Music Education and the musical needs of all young people in the county.

The SOG will work with the Hub on planning, reviewing, and developing policies and strategies in order to further raise standards, broaden provision and strengthen progressive musical opportunities. The SOG will:

  • promote and support high quality music education in Suffolk;
  • oversee and have a strategic input into the development of the Suffolk Music Education Hub and act as a critical friend;
  • have an input into strategic decisions on the Hub’s priorities;
  • through partnership working and advocacy, support the Suffolk County Music Service in its role as the Lead Organisation;
  • provide critical challenge for the response by the Suffolk Music Education Hub to the National Plan for Music Education, and other strategies as required;
  • maintain an education focus with clear values on standards both in the music curriculum and extra-curricular music;
  • support the Suffolk County Music Service in ensuring all strategies are tested to ensure quality, value for money, musical integrity, access and equalities;
  • meet a minimum of 3 times per year to receive reports from the Head of Suffolk County Music Service and others as necessary;
  • endorse strategic plans and funding applications as required.

Network Groups

The following Network Groups are critical to the development and strengthening of the work of the Hub and fulfilling its vision and purpose.

  • Partner Network Group to broaden opportunities and forge stronger links with other groups, organisations and providers across Suffolk and the wider community.
  • Primary, Secondary & Special Schools Curriculum Network Groups to improve standards and inclusive opportunities in the curriculum and strengthen additional school provision and transitional stages. These groups share good practice and build upon strengths, partnerships and projects, and include music leaders from school pyramids and clusters.

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