Suffolk Youth Music activities

Suffolk Youth Music (SYM) is Suffolk County Music Service's programme of musical activities. By joining SYM you will have access to a progressive range of professionally led and coached ensemble opportunities from beginner to advanced level.

SCMS offers a range of genres, styles and traditions, with sign-posted routes to national programmes for the most advanced.

There are activities for all abilities of musician:

  • Key Stage 2 Beginner activities for pupils learning at school through Whole Class Ensemble Teaching;
  • Beginner activities for pupils in their first year of learning;
  • County Music School and District activities for post-beginner to intermediate players;
  • Area level ensembles for more advanced players;
  • County level ensembles our programme for the most advanced.

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Where do the activities take place?

You can take a look at the Google Map below. Click on the pins to find out more information or select the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

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