Individual and Small Group tuition

Suffolk County Music Service is to pilot the introduction of individual and small group lessons at music centres from September 2018.

The initiative is in response both to parents and schools that have requested wider access to instrumental lessons. This is also part of the Music Service’s drive to increase the number and standard of musicians learning at music centres.

If your child's school is offering Instrumental Tuition with the Music Service, then please first approach your school for lessons.

Lesson details

Lessons will take place alongside existing Suffolk Youth Music ensemble activities. Individual lessons will be the default for advanced ensembles and Small Groups for Junior and Saturday centres.

To accommodate the additional activity, some centre opening times will be extended and minor adjustments made to ensemble timings.

All lessons are of 30 minutes duration and payable termly in advance.

Five lessons written notice will be required to terminate lessons.


For the pilot phase we have set rates that compare favourably against average private tuition charges.

  • Individual lessons at £16 each
  • Small Group (2-4 students) at £9 each

How to apply

Please complete this online enquiry form.

Once the initial allocation is full, a waiting list will run from which we will endeavour to timetable additional hours where demand is highest, and it is practical to timetable.

Personal information form

If you are having lessons as part of this scheme, please now complete the online personal information form.

If you would prefer to complete this form by email or by hand, please contact us to request a digital/paper copy.

More information

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information, please contact Suffolk County Music Service: