Gamelan Workshops

The Suffolk County Music Service Gamelan comprises of a collection of beautiful percussion instruments of bronze and iron gongs, metallophones and drums.

The Gamelan provides an incredible opportunity for musical participation and education in groups of up to 30 and is also suitable for those with disabilities.  There is no experience required and it is very easy to learn the basics with plenty to challenge participants as well.  

You can hear examples of what a Gamelan sounds like on YouTube.

Gamelan in MEAL

Workshops at the Museum of East Anglian Life

The Gamelan will be at the museum from May through to the end of July 2019. Schools and community groups can take part in a range of fantastic workshops including but not limited to: Butter Making, Mini Beasts, Toys Around the World, Victorian School Room, and now Javanese Gamelan!

Museum-led workshops can be booked on the Museum of East Anglian Life website.

Book a Gamelan workshop

Please complete this booking form.

Bookings must (ideally) be made at least two weeks in advance. All education visits must be pre-booked to receive free entry to the Museum of East Anglian Life. 

Gamelan workshops

The Gamelan will be at the Museum of East Anglian Life in the summer term 2019.

60 minutes: summer term only

Age: Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, SEND classes

Learning Objectives:

  • Pupils will learn about the history and culture of Gamelan music.
  • The session will be authentic using real Javanese Instruments.
  • The pupils will be actively involved in creating music on a variety of instruments.
  • The pupils will perform together without the need for any prior musical experience.
  • The Gamelan encourages teamwork, listening skills and creativity.
  • The pupils will be excited, inspired and engaged performing traditional Gamelan music.

Cost: £85, -50% for SEND classes

If you have any questions please contact the Music Service by email or phone 01473 263400.

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